Founded by:
Knights of Columbus – Jesus the King Council 15045

Our Mission and where do “Food For Syria” donations go?

Syria_Splash3“Food For Syria” is a non-profit charity project founded by the Knights of Columbus Council 15045. All council members are real volunteers without any compensation, and have given their time and energy to solely base their focus on charity work around the world.

The Knights of Columbus Order is an international fraternal Catholic organization with an outreach and support for Christians all over the world. We are called the right arm of the Church. Jesus the King Council 15045 is the first Knights of Columbus Arab Christian council in the world. As Catholics we have to be universal and should help brothers all over and not only in our community.

The Christians of the Middle East, descendants of the Apostles, are being persecuted more than at the time of St. Peter and St. Paul, and the suffering of our Syrian brothers is atrocious.

Thus, the council founded this project and website.

All donation proceeds will be used to send food (i.e. in cans), clothing (i.e. blankets, warm sweaters / jackets – especially for winter time), medicine in containers and sponsoring children that require education, in a transparent manner that will be published on this website.

Also, as containers are sent / distributed in Syria, we will be posting pictures, stories, successes and information that will keep our supporters and sponsors live and in touch with the day to day activities.

In 2012, the Knights of Columbus, at all levels worldwide, raised and donated more than US $167.5 million to charitable causes.  Members also performed over 70 million hours of volunteer service, and more than US $1.4 billion  in charitable contributions in the last 10 years. 

The ultimate goal for the “Food For Syria” project, with your help, prayers and support, is to lessen the suffering, and provide the most basic things required, that is food, medicine and education for the refugees and displaced.

The donations asked are small and within the reach of every faithful believer in the world. Let us all donate and let the light of Christ shine again in Syria, the land of the first Christians.