Founded by:
Knights of Columbus – Jesus the King Council 15045

Donate as little as $2 CAD to lessen the suffering and provide the most basic thing – food, medicine and hope for the hungry displaced children in Syria.


(For tax purposes, tax receipts will be sent automatically to your e-mail address.  Please keep for record. For further information on Tax Tips to our Council, please read below)

Tax Tips – Donation must be $100 or greater per year to receive a tax receipt (as one time payment, or accumulated on the sum of monthly installments).

Jesus the King Council 15045, on behalf of the Melkite Catholic Church Donations Unlike business “write-offs” or other tax-saving initiatives, charitable donations qualify for a tax credit rather than a tax deduction. A tax credit directly reduces your tax liability, whereas a tax deduction reduces your income that is subject to tax. In Canada, your first $200.00 of charitable donations qualifies for a 17 per cent federal tax credit (23.4 per cent federal/provincial combined). After $200, you will get a credit of 29 per cent (36 per cent federal/provincial combined). So, even if you are not interested in donating for altruistic reasons, keep in mind that charitable contributions offer you some significant tax savings (especially after your first $200). All donations to our Council, on behalf of Jesus the King Melkite Catholic Church, in Thornhill, ON., Canada are tax-receipted. If you make donations with us we keep track of your charitable giving and issue you a Charitable Income Tax Receipt. This income tax receipt shows how much you have given yearly. Charitable donations must be made by December year end to qualify for a credit in that taxation year. However, you can carry-forward donation receipts for up to five years – a useful tip to get you closer to the over-$200 donation amount for the bigger tax credit. Please be sure to contact your financial advisor should you have detailed or advanced questions about your charitable gifts and how they affect your income tax.