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Children in Syria Face Malnutrition

Children in Syria Face Malnutrition International aid organizations warned of wide spread food shortages across Syria. It is estimated that 2 million Syrian children are not getting enough food which is difficult to find. In the suburbs of Damascus, one of each 20 children,...

Syrian Children Need Medicine

Wounded Syrian children dying because of lack of medicine. Children wounded in the fighting are dying due to lack of pediatric medicines and medical equipment. The medical community reserves of medicines has been used up by the tremendous number of injuries caused by...

03. Syrian refugee children hold hands and form a ring while playing a game between classes in Adiyaman, which is one of 17 camps in Turkey.

Syrian Refugee Children Missing out on Education

The UN warns that Syrian refugee children are missing out on education Hundreds of thousands of Syrian children mostly under the age of 12 and many without parents or adults taking care of them, are deprived of formal education. Some are speechless...


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