Founded by:
Knights of Columbus – Jesus the King Council 15045
Meal of Love (8)

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The donations received were promptly used in financing projects to benefit the displaced, hungry and ill Christian refugees in close coordination with the Melkite Catholic Patriarchate in Syria.

  • The first project executed was a FREE MEAL OF LOVE FOR REFUGEES in LENT distributed to 500 people. The event took place on the first day of lent, Ash Monday – March 3rd 2014, at the Olive Plaza – “Haret Zeytoon”, The Melkite Catholic Patriarchate in Syria, Damascus.  (See attached photos – following pages)


  • The second project, currently in progress of execution, is the distribution of basic medicines (Aspirin daily, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Diabetic etc) required by clinics in the country in four major areas, where many of the displaced Christians take refuge and need those medicines on a regular basis every two months.
    The four areas are as follows:
    • Wadi Al-Nasara area in Homs, 400 families
    • Mashtal Helou in Tartous, 600 families
    • Al-Mahatta area in Homs, Al-Bishara Church
    • Armenian Quarter in Homs


  • The third project, currently in the planning, is the distribution of food baskets to refugees and displaced families, each at a value of $30 CDN. The event is being planned for Easter in Mar-Marita Church in Wadi Al-Nasara. Food Baskets will include items that refugees chose such as chicken, cheese, meat, olives etc.


The Holy Father, Pope Francis, addressed the Aid Agencies saying: “Remember in your prayers the Church in Syria … Jesus Christ Himself will look over it, and your charity”.  That is the charity of the Knights of Columbus, the strongest and largest fraternal Catholic organization in the world, and we, as Jesus the King Council, are enthused to take initiative and give a hand to help save the Syrian Christians, and fulfill the wish of our Holy Father and the Christians of the world.


FOOD FOR SYRIA is growing by the day as it is in the hands of Jesus Christ, and through the Knights of Columbus, we can and will make a difference.


Vivat Jesus